Sectional Garage Door Torsion Spring - 2400mm

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Garage Door torsion springs are a type of torsion spring specifically designed for use in Sectional Garage Doors. These springs are responsible for lifting the weight of the door and holding it in place when it is in the open position. They are installed above the door and are connected to the door's cable drum, which helps to distribute the weight of the door evenly.

Garage door torsion springs come in different sizes and types, and they are selected based on the weight and size of the door. They typically have a rated life cycle, which is the number of cycles the spring is expected to last before it needs to be replaced. 

When a garage door is lifted, the torsion springs store energy, which is then used to help lower the door. If the springs are damaged or worn, the door may become difficult to lift, or it may close too quickly, which can be dangerous.

 Regular maintenance, such as inspecting and lubricating the springs, can help to prolong the life of the springs and ensure the safe operation of the door.

When replacing torsion springs It is important to remember the springs are under high tension and can be dangerous to work with.