NantoTech Wischerseife (Windscreen Soap)

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Wischerseife literally means "Wiper Soap" and is a German engineered nano technology window wash/cleaning liquid designed to be used with rubber cleaning mechanisms, such as wipers and squeegees.

After using the product your vehicle will have an hydrophobic (water repelling) effect which means that it can resist rain and other elements on glass surfaces for longer periods of time. Although Nano Wischerseife was designed to be used in vehicles, it can also be used as a cleaner for residential and commercial windows. It has the additional benefit of creating a protective coating while cleaning which helps reduce maintenance over time, Nanotech's fast-bonding hydrophobic technology will keep your glass cleaner!

Repeated use will prolong the hydrophobic effect and cut down on maintenance cycles over time.

The concentrate can be diluted with 1 part Wisherseife to 9 parts water.

Treated vs untreated windows

Nanotech Wischerseife Technical Data Sheet