Sectional Garage Door Brackets

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Bottom Lifting Bracket - Double and single doors

Bottom brackets are an essential element in sectional garage doors design that creates a secure mount for torsion cables. Multiple mounting holes enables versatile installation on many different garage doors.

Center Bearing Plate

The center bearing plate holds the shaft on a torsion assembly garage door so it doesn’t bow in the center and has pre-cut slots for mounting to the header jamb. Center Bearing Support Plates also have two pre-cut slots for attaching the spring cones so they stay in place while being wound.

Flag Bracket

Garage Door Flag Brackets install at the top of the left and right door jambs where the vertical and horizontal garage door tracks meet.  Once the brackets are installed they provide and maintain important horizontal-vertical axis stability in garage door opening and closing. These bracing hardware components are for securing and stabilizing overhead door tracks to each other and to the door frame. Each flag is equipped with multiple faster slots to fit most garage door installations.

End Bearing Plate

The end bearing plates install on either end of a garage door torsion shaft to provide structural support. Flange design allows them to be bolted to the horizontal track angle and flag bracket for extra secure mounting.

Spring Tension Anchor Bracket

Top Roller Bracket

Top Roller Bracket installs on the top panel of a garage door and holds the left & right top rollers in place. They are designed to make sure the door closes without any gaps.

Jamb Brackets

 These brackets mount securely to the left or right jamb of a garage door installation, Jamb Brackets come in a variety of lengths and are measured by the longest leg of the L shape.

J1 : 73mm

J2: 83mm

J3 : 93mm

J4 : 98mm

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