NantoTech Ultra Gloss Car Polish

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NanoTech Ultra Gloss Polish is the newest nano technology car paint wax system that generates an easy to clean surface with high gloss and hydrophobic properties.

The new technology is an exciting advancement for car owners. When applied to the paint, this coating produces a three dimensional net matrix that reduces sticking ability of dirt and tar; it also has ultra hydrophobic properties which means water easily pearls off surfaces making them easier to clean while preserving deep refreshment of the lacquer remains.

The product can be applied straight out of a bottle, without any need for extensive polishing or buffing!  NanoTech is very cost effective as only 20-30ml are used on the average size car. As soon as it has dried, residues can easily be wiped off by using a soft cloth to complete your perfect job!!

Combine the Nanotech Ultra Gloss Polish with the Nanotech AutoGlaze for the ultimate protection lasting for 18 months.

Nanotech Ultra Gloss Car Polish Technical Data Sheet