Sectional Garage Door Tension and Torsion cables

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.Tension Cables :

Sectional garage door tension cables are an essential component of a sectional garage door system. They provide the necessary tension to ensure that the door operates smoothly and safely. The cables run from the bottom brackets on either side of the door, over pulleys, and attach to the door itself. The tension in the cables keeps the door panels properly aligned and helps prevent the door from sagging or coming off the tracks during operation.

Torsion Cables:

Sectional garage door torsion cables are an important component of a torsion spring system, which is commonly used to power sectional garage doors. The torsion cables work in tandem with the torsion springs to lift and lower the door. They run from the drums attached to the torsion springs, over pulleys, and attach to the door itself. The torsion springs store energy as they are wound and unwound, allowing the door to be lifted and lowered with minimal effort.

Sectional garage door torsion cables are usually made from strong, high-tension materials such as steel, and are designed to withstand the weight of the door and the forces exerted during operation.


Sold in pairs - various lengths available